Nutriessenthia is a Made in Italy beauty brand, born in 2019 from the strong desire of the founder, Maurizio Cola, to take care of the skin.

Maurizio is a Naturopath and has been involved in wellness and body care for many years.

"Most of us lead busy lives in the big cities and unintentionally neglect the most important part of our bodies, our skin" - Founder.

The skin is the barrier that protects us from external agents, which is most affected by smog and climate change and which, if neglected, can suffer injuries and is subject to changes during the course of life. The first collection of Nutriessenthia products consists of face creams, serums, eye contour and products for daily cleansing . We want to take care of people's skin and to do this we make use of allies, our products, developed with cutting-edge machinery and produced from biotechnologies. All products are organic, cruelty free, Made in Italy and provided with the main certifications. The use of biotechnology that allows us to create products that are easily modifiable and adaptable to the needs of customers and the market. The beauty sector is constantly expanding, needs are becoming more and more specific and our goal is to take care of the skin to improve and solve small aesthetic problems. We have focused heavily on raw materials, all certified and of local origin, which allow us to develop high quality products; environmental protection is in our interests, which is why the materials used for product packaging (pet - glass, etc.) are all certified and often come from recycled plastic.

Made in Italy is not just a brand, it is a manifesto that distinguishes us on the international market and is the mirror of a highly appreciated and envied value business system abroad, we have chosen to certify our HALAL and KOSHER products to facilitate export to Europe and Arab countries proving to be an Italian excellence.

Our main added value is undoubtedly the biotechnology used for the development of products and the use of raw materials of excellent quality, the addition of natural substances obtained from plants with cosmetic properties that are not harmful to the body and the choice of do not use silicones, parabens, mineral oils, synthetic dyes and much more. The need to support the environment starts with the choice of suppliers, the laboratories where we produce the product respect our philosophy and have a series of main characteristics certified in support of our principles, including the choice of essential, recycled and recyclable packaging in the respect for nature and the environment.